New showreel of Watertower & 2Frame

24 January 2023

A new year, a new showreel. We look back at the work Watertower and 2Frame did in 2022.

21 November 2023

Mention d'Honneur for Rebound

16 October 2023

Rebound wins Grand Prix award at Sportfilm Liberec

2 July 2023

Adventure in Georgia with Belgian's U21 football team

14 April 2023

First nomination for a film festival for Rebound

7 March 2023

Documentary "REBOUND" to be aired on March 27nd

16 January 2023

Allez l'Union, the book

Last football season Watertower created the documentary series 'Allez l'Union' on the incredible season football club Royale Union St-Gilloise played. Our former colleague Bart Aerts wrote a book about the club and their recent giant leaps back to the top of Belgian football.

13 November 2022

Watertower and 2Frame moved into new offices!

15 November 2022

Second life for documentary "Whistle to Whistle"


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