Who we are

Watertower TV Productions is a full service video- and TV-production company, founded in 2011 by Gilles Simonet. It started with smaller corporate productions. When Watertower TV Productions started to work with 2Frame as post-production partner, the first steps were made into TV-production. The success of DNA Nys, a documentary series for Eén (VRT), was the start of several high end productions for TV.

So why  Watertower then? When Gilles was a toddler, he lived for three years in New Jersey, close to New York City. Whenever he visited the Big Apple he was fascinated by the old watertowers on the skyscrapers of downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Back in Belgium, and much older and wiser, Gilles became a TV- and video-producer for several Belgian TV-stations and production-companies. When he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit in november 2011, Watertower TV Productions was born. 

Over the last five years Watertower TV Productions has developed and produced many projects, amongst them TV documentaries, commercials, advertising campaigns and corporate video shoots, some of which are outlined on this website. Since 2016 Watertower TV Productions is also licensed to work with and provide Tax Shelter money and is available as co-producer for (foreign) film and documentary productions.

Are you looking for media-professionals, to help you develop your own TV-idea, commercials, feature film, documentary or corporate videos? Then do not hesitate to contact us!


  • TV-documentary
  • Corporate videos
  • Reports
  • TV-formats
  • Videomarketing
  • Videopresentations
  • Animations
  • Co-production with Tax Shelter


  • Audioguids
  • Radiocommercials
  • Music clips

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